Safe Cache Kit


Easy, Affordable, and Essential


SAFE CACHE is one of a kind storage solution for firearms. When assembled, it provides weather resistant, waterproof, and secure storage cache. You can bury your SAFE CACHE underground in a safe and secure location of your choice. It’s designed for quick access and easy assembling. What’s more, it gives you the peace of mind you need every time and ensures that your gun collection is protected from children, theft, or external damage. Get the best storage solution for your firearms today!

SAFE CACHE is a fail-safe DIY kit that provides water-tight, safe, and secure storage vault for your firearms. Once assembled, it can be buried underground for greater safety. The KIT is designed to be used in conjunction with 6″ SDR35 sewer pipe which can be purchased locally at any major home improvement store or commercial plumbing supply house. It is both affordable and easy to handle. You can bury it in your backyard, by a fence, under a patio paver, or at your favorite hunting spot, and no one knows it is there but you!

You can get a 10′ length of 6″ SDR35 pipe with our 3 pack SAFE CACHE kit to produce two 4′ and one 2′ CACHE, or two 3′ and one 4′ CACHE. So, for less than a $100, you can produce 3 large storage CACHE’s that work wonders.

Materials and Steps Required to Assemble SAFE-CACHE

The 4 main components:


1.94 oz.
.121 lbs.
8.25 PPP (parts per pound
23 second cycle time
A.B.S., white


2.14 oz. (with runner)
.134 lbs.
7.46 PPP
24 second cycle time
A.B.S., white


2.85 oz.
.178 lbs.
5.61 PPP
24 second cycle time
A.B.S., white


3.17 oz.
.198 lbs.
5.05 PPP
26 second cycle time
A.B.S., white

Other Requirements

  • Safety glasses, safe power tool protocol, and a well ventilated area and grease.
  • Wood and towel
  • Tray and cord

Assembling our SAFE CACHE kit requires you to have some basic skills of working with cutting tools and PVC products. Make sure that you take all the safety measures as described in our instruction guide. For more details, read the instruction manual or watch the video below.

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